Dr. Md. Nehal Uddin, DG, GSB and other geoscientists at the seminar, presented by Prof. Dr. Khalequzzaman

Seminar held on ‘Geological Aspects of Climate Change and the Fate of the Bengal Delta’ Presented by Prof. Dr. Khalequzzaman

Last 05.01.2017, Thursday morning GATC, GSB organized a seminar at seminar room. The speaker in the seminar was distinguished Professor of Geology Mr. Md. Khalequzzaman from Lock Haven University, USA. The topic was ‘Geological Aspects of Climate Change and the Fate of the Bengal Delta’.  In his power point presentation Dr. Khalequzzaman gave an overall view on delta formation process, sea level fluctuation in geologic past, sedimentation in response to sea level rise (SLR),  response of Bengal Delta to sea-level fluctuation in the geological past, paleo-shoreline of Bengal Delta and  the Ganges-Brahmaputra basin, sedimentation in big dams, coastal polders, impact of polders on elevation;  erosion vs. accretion in coastal zone, potential salinity intrusion due to SLR and at last gave some suggestions about  possible future work by GSB.   

After the presentation, there were discussions by the geoscientists about various geological processes and issues, which made the seminar more interesting. At the end Dr. Md. Nehal Uddin Director General, GSB participated in the discussion and gave his comments on the presentation. Mr. Mir fazlul Karim and Mr. Pradip Kumar Sen Gupta, both ex-directors of GSB also attended the seminar.