Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL)

Bangladesh is presently facing shortage of power and there are always load shading in some parts of the country. This is threatening to the agriculture, industry, commerce as well as the whole economy. Rural Power Company Limited is committed to reliable power generation for Rural Development and also to take part in social & economical development for rural people of the country.
rpclRural Power Company Limited was the first Independent Power Producer (IPP) of Bangladesh and the first non Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) entity to be licensed to take up power generation. Rural Power Company Limited is registered as a public limited company under company ACT 1913, was incorporated on 31 st December, 1994 under the company laws to build, own and operate power generation projects with business philosophy and principles. The company was established as a Pilot Project of Private Power Generation as per ECNEC decision on 23 rd November, 1994 to enhance the privatization in the Power sector of Bangladesh.
Rural Power Company Limited has opened a new dimension of power generation in private sector of Bangladesh, because the 100% equity investment is mobilized locally. This is absolutely a National Company in the private sector. This will raise the confidence of investors in the Private Power Generation Sector.