Bangladesh Power Development Board

At the time of partition of Indo-pak sub-continent, in the year 1947 when the British colonial rulers left, power generation and distribution of this part of the country were in the hands of some private companies. The power supply to then 17 provincial districts was within the township in a limited way. The generation voltage was 400 volts. Power used to be supplied to most of the districts during nighttime only. Only exception was Dhaka City where power used to be supplied by two 1500 kW generators and the generation voltage was 6600 volts and this was the highest supply voltage. There was no long distance transmission lines. Besides power used to be generated by some industries (tea, sugar and textiles) and railway workshops. Dhakeswari Cotton Mills, Pahartali Railway workshop, Saidpur Railway workshop and Sugar Mills were amongst them. In aggregate the generation capacity of the country was 21 MW. The generation capacity of the power utility companies together was only 7 (seven) MW and there was no transmission system.