Energy and Mineral Resources Division

According to future planning, in order to secure energy sources in 2021 especially oil, gas and coal, alternate energy sources such as wind, hydro and solar energy has been brought into consideration. Ensuring supply of primary fuel such as oil, gas and coal is a duty of this division. 

Oil, gas and coal are the nation’s primary source of fuel for electricity generation. For ensuring electricity generation, it is essential to secure primary energy sources. In the year 2021, total electricity demand in Bangladesh will be approximately 20,000 megawatt. In order to achieve such target, relevant sectors must be evaluated and stimulated through implementation of short, medium and long term planning. The demand for gas is increasing day by day due to heightened electricity generation and if no alternative fuel source is located, the rate of demand for gas might increase up to several folds.In another way, if coal is used as an alternate fuel for gas then several million tons of coal per year will be required in order to meet the demand.

Apart from electricity generation, gas is also instrumental in the production of fertilizers. Currently, 12% of nation’s daily gas production which translates to 230 million cubic feet is used in the production of fertilizers. Demand for fertilizers is on the rise due to efforts being made to achieve self-sufficiency in the food sector. As a result, the heightened demand for fertilizers will increase the demand for gas as well. 

In order to satisfy demands, reinforcement have been made of the programs for exploration, development and generation of onshore gas at offshore blocks. Already the third Offshore Bidding Round has been finalized and a process for Block Award is effectuated. For reinforcing Onshore exploration and to strengthen the activities of BAPEX, a new rig has been established to ensure connection of gas. 

Apart from that, every year 3.8 million tons of petrol and petrol-based products are imported by Bangladesh but the demand for such products increase every year. Diesel is one of the primary fuel for operating shallow wells used for irrigation. 20% of the imported fuel is used in the irrigation sector. The duty ofimporting, reserving, distributing and marketing of petrol and all petrol based products is carried out by Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC). The increase in demand for petrol and petroleum-based products increased both costs and activities for BPC.

The search for mineral resources’ structures and technological development, urban planning, environmental protection, protection from natural and man-made disasters and the geological, geo- physical, geo- chemical investigation and excavation activities are conducted and initiatives leading to the discovery of new fields of mineral resources have been strengthened. For direct monitoring and supervision of this division, Department of Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB) has been working relentlessly.

Increase in the usage of explosive materials in various industries of the country have given way to increased chances of explosive disaster, production, refinement, import, storage, transport and usage of hazardous materials – all of which is included in the responsibilities of this division which is tirelessly working for the supervision of this sector.

Management of all resources such as sand, stone including porcelain-clay; planned development and control over mine and mineral classification including quality heck; continuous monitoring and information collection on quantity for lease of extracted minerals and accordingly revenue earning; ensuring proper usage and supply of minerals for energy, industry and production of raw materials to maintain a flow in the national revenue; earn revenue through lease and extraction management of mineral resources, coal and rock are the major activities of Bangladesh Mineral Development (BMD).
Additionally, for updating the technical staff of this division through training, a training institute and a downstream energy activity control and monitoring is established to support Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission. Moreover, to assist in energy-related matters, Hydro Carbon unit has been working as a consulting house.
Prepare budget to ensure energy security, necessity of casting, activities under the supervision of the department, timed planning and increased monitoring and performance of the implementation, sending information to the Ministry of Finance has maintained close liaison with the implementation of specific projects in various ministries and departments of the range has increased diversification. Above all, in order to ensure energy security of the country activities are increasing to a great extent. Meanwhile, energy security as well as the activities of the department to perform well is in progress to increase manpower which is being conducted rationally.